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Yellowfin is an award winning Business Intelligence platform that empowers business users across job functions and industries by making data incredibly easy to consume and analyze. No matter whether you're a casual business user or the CIO, Yellowfin makes it easy for you to unearth the insights you need from your critical data assets.

Analytics is not just for the data scientist

Maximize the value of your analytics solution by addressing the diverse needs within your organization. Yellowfin addresses the needs of all your users; not just the data analyst. Find out how Yellowfin supports the analytic needs of everyone – from the business user to the CIO.

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“In a dynamic and ever changing industry such as travel, it is imperative to have a distinct competitive advantage that correlates to the times. Yellowfin provides us with that advantage.”

Richard Savva

CEO - Voyager Travel

Deep insight into your industry

Gain rapid insight into the unique KPIs and metrics of your industry. Yellowfin is used – by people like you across many industries – to visualize their data and get real-time answers to their critical business questions. Its award winning design makes it easy for any organization to achieve great results quickly.

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“As a wholly Web-based platform, Yellowfin has enabled us to create a single trustworthy view of our entire ERP system. We are now able to easily track KPIs from internetstores’ 30-plus self-owned
e-commerce platforms.”

René Marius Köhler

CEO - Internetstores

Accelerate your entire business with analytics

There is no function in your company that cannot benefit from the power of Business Intelligence. From sales to marketing, and HR to Finance, getting the right data into the right hands can change your business forever. Make better business decisions with Yellowfin.

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“With Yellowfin, services staff can enhance the care they provide, by independently accessing personalised patient and performance data from their tablet devices
in real-time, wherever and whenever necessary.”

Mark Singleton

BI Manager, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

Analyze all your data
with ease

Data is your company's most valuable asset. That’s why Yellowfin makes it easy for you to connect to all your enterprise data sources – from your operational applications in Oracle or SQL server, through to highly optimized analytical databases or OLAP cubes. Yellowfin lets you analyze them all – wherever they are.

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