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Guided NLQ

A simple way for anyone to ask the hard questions

How do business leaders foster a data-driven culture to help drive decision-making? That’s a good question, and Yellowfin Guided NLQ (Natural Language Query) is the right answer.

Ask questions of all your data
From anywhere

The challenge traditional BI and analytic solutions have faced is that the questions business people ask of their data are inherently complex. Drag and drop, as well as search-based query tools don't meet the self-service needs of the business user—they are either too technical, requiring specialized skills, or too simplistic to answer the complex questions the business asks. Yellowfin’s Guided NLQ solves this.

Ask the hard questions

Yellowfin Guided NLQ includes thousands of comprehensively modelled question types and sequences to enable anyone to ask complex questions of their data. And the answers are delivered as best-practice visualizations for every possible question combination.

From within Yellowfin or anywhere

With Guided NLQ, ask questions anywhere within the Yellowfin platform, or embed it into any software application or web page to deliver true self-service reporting to end users.

True Self-Service BI

With Guided NLQ, business users can produce analytical content for dashboards and stories on their own; for analysts, it’s a faster way to create the complex reports they need to help drive decision-making.

What makes Yellowfin Guided NLQ better?

Put simply, it’s guided, not search

This means a faster, more flexible and more accurate approach to answering users’ queries. Complex questions are ‘built’ using predefined options—rather than being presented as an empty search field enabling business users to ask complex questions. Yellowfin Guided NLQ solves the problem of knowing what question to ask and how to ask it.

Guided NLQ is available in the Yellowfin 9.7 release. Experience Yellowfin Guided NLQ and learn more about how Yellowfin provides self-service BI for everyone.

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