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Delayed Broadcasts


Could there be a reason, why broadcast deliveries would go out hours delayed. We have some customers complaining about delays report deliveries, but I can't find anything in the logs etc.

I'm just fishing for some hints at the moment.

Hello Ingo,

Thank you for posting your question on our forum.

Receiving Broadcasts hours late is definitely not
expected behavior within YF.

We've seen this occur occasionally and it's usually
due to the incoming clients mail server. Is this happening
with multiple clients and multiple reports?

Which version and build of YF are you currently using? E.g.
7.1, Dec?

It's probably worth checking the Broadcast schedule on the
reports that are being received late.

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Get back to me on the above and I will continue to look
at this for you.

Thank you,


Hi Kyle,

Thank you for the answer. We figured it out and it was some other reasons. First a second broadcast, which we did not notice and then also the executions which are triggered when the broadcast is set up.

Best regards,
Hello Ingo,

Thank you very much for getting back to
us and letting us know that your issue
appears to be resolved.

Take care,


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