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Yellowfin DB Configuration settings – Timeout and Max Open Connections

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This file is located in the /appserver/conf/ folder.

You can change the Yellowfin user session timeout setting

Modify this block:


[color=”#FF0F0F”>20[/color] (This value is in minutes)


You can change the timeout settings for the Yellowfin database

This is actually done in the other web.xml file which is located in the

/appserver/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/ folder.

Add the parameter below into the InitConnectionPool section:



Example of modified Web.XML with DB Timeout addition

You can change of connections allowed to the Yellowfin Repository Database.

Modify this block:


[color=”#FF0F0F”>5[/color][color=”#FF0F0F”>The maximum number of open connections allowed. [/color]

[color=”#FF0F0F”>2[/color][color=”#FF0F0F”>The minimum number of connections opened during startup. [/color]


Note: Any changes made to the web.xml will take effect after restarting tomcat

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