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Report summary not displaying on dashboard sub tabs beyond the 1st sub tab


I have created dashboard sub tabs and populated the sub tabs with reports that contain report summaries.
Each report has the dashboard display summary setting switched on (per screenshot A).
When editing the dashboard tab I have selected 'Summary' as the Default Display for each report on each tab (per screenshot B) and in 'Edit' mode the Report Summaries are displayed (per screenshot C). But when I save these settings and return to the dashboard, the report summaries are not displaying on the dashboard for reports on sub tabs subsequent to the 1st sub tab (refer screenshot D). If I maximise one of these reports or click view report the report summaries are displayed.

Since creating these screenshots I have added more sub tabs to the same dashboard tab and can confirm that the report summaries are not showing on these dashboard sub tabs either.

Please advise as to a solution for this.

Hi Christine,

To assist you further can I ask what version and build of Yellowfin that you are using?

I have tested this in YF7, BUILD 20140730 and could not replicate your query.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Hi Christine,

Thanks for the extra information.

I have just tested your query in YF7, BUILD 20140326 and replicated the issue. I re tested this in our current build YF7, BUILD 20140730 and it looks like this issue has now been fixed. My suggestion for you would be to update to the latest build, if this possible.

I hope this helps with you query but if you have any further questions please let me know.

Kind Regards,

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