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Time Series Selection

Hi Team,

I am having two questions here:

1) I am having a report with Time Series Selection. Its having five series.

I want to display 4th and 5th series when the user selected the 3rd series in the report. Is there any property/configuration is available to achieve this?

2) In a dashboard, based on one series selection, I want to display a report dynamically. If some other series is selected, this report should not display in the dashboard.

Please let me know through some configuration, can we achieve this?


Hi Chandrakumar,

1) I'll assume you meant "Series Selection", I can't think of a way to do exactly as you have described, however, this sounds to me like a good scenario for using Drill Through reports, if you set the Drill Through hyperlink field to be the 3rd series field, then when the user clicks on the 3rd series a Drill Through report showing the 4th & 5th series will appear. What do you think of this idea?

Otherwise, if you choose Visible Series Selection option then you'll have the checkboxes so that the user can select the 3rd, 4th & 5th checkboxes at the same time (however this would be manual and not automatic)

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2) This is not possible, and again the best workaround I can think of would be to use Drill Through reports.

sorry I couldn't meet exactly the requirements of your report.