Analytic Apps

Deliver Insights as a service to external parties

Securely provide customers, partners, and other stakeholders with insights into your business that improve your services, monetize your data, drive innovation, and increase the value of your relationships.

Optimized for security, scalability, and performance

Yellowfin offers a single governance framework to allow for common security, manageability and re-usability.  Built with growth in mind, Yellowfin supports horizontal and vertical scalability that massive deployments and high-availability need -  whether on premise or in the cloud.

Design. Build. Launch

With unmatched design flexibility, GUI and code development options you have the ability to realize your analytic app vision without constraints and at massive scale.  

Find out how Yellowfin can rapidly help you to launch your data portal today!

Yellowfin External Users

External Users

Better insights into your business’ data

Product Managers

Product Managers

Build competitive advantage with insights as a service

Embedded Partnerships


Simple, scalable pricing to make your vision possible

Build Your Brand

Your brand, not ours

Make your analytic app shine and build user loyalty.  Yellowfin can be completely restyled and white labelled to apply you brand’s look and feel. And in the case of multi-tenant environments, each client can be styled separately.

Deploy Yellowfin Easily

Easy to deploy, easy to manage

From development, to testing, to production, Yellowfin gives engineering teams the tools they need to successfully manage the devops lifecycle. It's easy to migrate your analytical applications and monitor usage in real time, ensuring that your solution is always up and running—with the lowest admin footprint possible.

Data Sources - Yellowfin

Connect to all your data

No need to create multiple copies of your data or be locked into proprietary data silo’s.  Whether it's Big Data sources, Web APIs or a relational database, connect to them all live from the Yellowfin Suite, or prepare and optimize them for analysis with our data prep product.

Yellowfin is Scalable

Simple and scalable Pricing

When deploying to external parties we understand the need for simple and scalable pricing.  Talk to us to find out how we make working with us easy.

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