Great Restyling of Yellowfin

This is a really great example of how Yellowfin can be rebranded to take on the look and feel of your application or company portal.

Why re-style?

  1. Restyling your reporting portal is a vital part of integrating it into the way YOU do things.
  2. It improves user take up and ownership of the application; and
  3. Makes a nice change from our colour set which makes us happy

So lets take a look at a recent example that really stood out for us:

What do we like about this restyling:

  • Replaced the portlett max min buttons with a big red open button. So now you really notice the open link unlike the Yellowfin screen;
  • Reflects their Corporate branding really well;
  • Consistent branding has been applied all the way through the chart colours;
  • The charts are and metrics really nice, crisp and clean and have made it easy for users to drill through for more detail;
  • All the images and tab images have been re-styled to be various levels of Grey for consitency
  • The use Red to draw the users attention to the key information is great – it is really used as a visual cue; and
  • Replaced the footer and header to their own

What we’re not so sure about is why they chose not to change the links (leaving them blue) so they would fit with their corporate branding. But that is minor and overall we think this is a great example of how to rebrand Yellowfin.

The end result is a really crisp, clean design that is attractive and easy to use.

Yellowfin is easily restyled and rebranded to your corporate specifications click here for more info. Alternatively, give us a call and we’ll happily show you how.

Thanks for trying Yellowfin

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