Yellowfin?s new Business Intelligence application for the iPad now available

Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence (BI) application for the iPad is now available for free download from Apple’s App Store. The application allows users full access to Yellowfin’s easy-to-use reporting and analytics solution whenever and wherever they need it.

BI software is used to analyze and report on corporate data, to uncover trends and opportunities in an organization’s operational environment, and support businesses in making well informed, accurate, timely decisions.

Yellowfin, a Melbourne based global BI vendor, is actively supporting the digital era’s move towards an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed workforce.

“Yellowfin for the iPad supports true device independence – users have the ability to run and access all of Yellowfin’s real-time reporting and analytics capabilities straight from the iPad,” said Yellowfin Product Architect, Peter Damen.

“With the growing popularity of the iPad amongst business communities, Yellowfin for the iPad forms a crucial component of our overall Mobile BI offering.

“Combined with our existing application for the iPhone, business personnel across all industries and from all backgrounds, can stay up-to-date with critical business information and developments at all times.”

Yellowfin for the iPad has been designed to take advantage of the iPad’s large screen and native multi-touch interface, and allows organizational data assets to be accessed the same as from a PC.

“Customers can experience the benefits of Mobile BI right away; as there’s no need to re-create content for the mobile platform, or repackage it for mobile distribution,” said Damen.

“Users can just log into their existing Yellowfin account via a 3G or Wifi network – just connect and go.”

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