Yellowfin unveils latest release of iPhone and iPad application

Yellowfin’s latest Business Intelligence (BI) application for the iPhone and iPad is now available from Apple’s App Store.

BI software analyzes and reports on a range of corporate data to generate actionable insights and support strategic organizational decision-making.

The application gives users full access to the Melbourne based BI vendor’s easy-to-use reporting and analytics solution straight from their iPhone or iPad, whenever and wherever they need it. Users have the ability to access all of Yellowfin’s real-time reporting capabilities remotely.

“Yellowfin’s new mobile reporting tool means that you can access your data analytics and reporting the same as you would from your PC whilst on-the-move,” said Yellowfin Product Architect, Peter Damen.

“You can email and comment on reports, filter results, drill down and through data with the flexibility to make business decisions on-the-go in real-time, irrespective of your location. The application takes advantage of the iPhone and iPad’s native functionality, multi-touch interface and the iPad’s large screen. Yellowfin represents true device independence.”

Yellowfin’s 100 per cent Web-based service means that no data is stored on the mobile device. Combined with Yellowfin’s Mobile BI password protection system, security from unauthorized access to business data is assured, even if the device is lost or stolen.

Customers also gain the benefits of Mobile BI immediately, as there’s no need to re-create or repackage content for the mobile distribution.

“Users can just log into their existing Yellowfin account via a 3G or Wifi network – just connect and go; there’s no lengthy delays,” said Damen.

“Yellowfin is helping organizations make accurate, fast-paced decisions in a time of increasing marketplace competition and geographically dispersed workforces. Yellowfin is making Mobile Business Intelligence easy.”

For additional information on Yellowfin’s Mobile BI platform, download a free copy of Yellowfin’s Mobile BI white paper.


What is Business Intelligence software?

BI refers to a broad range of computer software applications and tools used to report, analyze and present data in a range of formats, to help businesses identify trends and opportunities, and support fundamental decision-making.

About Yellowfin

Yellowfin is a global BI software vendor headquartered and developed in Melbourne, Australia. Yellowfin is an innovative and flexible 100 percent web-based reporting and analytics solution.

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