The skinny on Yellowfin 5.1

“When I saw Social BI mentioned in the sales blurb, I thought it sounded like a gimmick. Having seen it, I think it’s GENIUS. Yellowfin should patent it quickly before the big players in the BI space jump all over it.” BI Industry Veteran

This quote summed up yesterdays webinar launch of Yellowfin 5.1. We have had a fantastic response and a lot of interest in what we believe is the industry leading collaborative features within Yellowfin.

For those that could not make it we thought we would do the collaborative thing and post the slide deck for you in this blog.

Not quite the same as an interactive webinar is it?

The good news for everyone is that as of this Friday Yellowfin 5.1 goes general availability and will be downloadable from this web site. Also there will be additional content such as videos, release notes etc.

Till then have fun!

Thanks for trying Yellowfin

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