SMBs to increase investment in BI, Collaboration and Mobility

A new survey of 2000 midsized businesses from across 20 countries has revealed that over half are planning to increase their IT budgets during 2011 with an emphasis on heavier investment in Business Intelligence (BI), collaboration and mobility.

Business Intelligence a priority for midsize companies

The IBM study – Inside the Midmarket: A 2011 Perspective – found that over 70 percent of midsize enterprises are actively pursuing BI technologies in an effort to make better, more efficient decisions, and engage more effectively with their customer base.

Strong interest in collaboration and mobility

Seventy percent of respondents also said that they were looking into collaborative IT and analytics capabilities, with 68 percent investigating mobility/unified communication.

Mindsets move from efficiency to growth

The current study shows a notable shift in IT investment mindset amongst midsize organizations, from cost control and efficiency, to growth and innovation.

In the 2011 report, 21 percent of survey participants defined their strategic mindset as ‘efficiency and cost control’, down from 53 percent in 2009’s equivalent study.

Seventy-nine percent of midsize CEOs now say their IT priorities are focused on building customer relations, innovation and growth.

Yellowfin answers the call

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