Ingres Debuts SkyInsight? for On-Demand Interactive Reporting and Analysis in the Cloud

Eliminates Barriers to Entry for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Ingres Corporation, pioneers of the breakthrough analytic database, VectorWise, today announced the launch of SkyInsight, a cloud-based managed service for interactive reporting and analysis. Built on VectorWise, the record breaking database for interactive reporting, SkyInsight enables companies to derive business insight from data at blazing speeds without the overhead associated with typical data analysis and BI projects.

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“Today’s announcement marks a tremendous shift in the way companies interact with their data and is a major milestone for our company,” said Terry Garnett, CEO of Ingres. “Analytics and business intelligence are not only becoming more consumerized across the enterprise, they are also quickly becoming the foundation for which companies are building additional revenue-generating services. The availability of SkyInsight has just eliminated any barriers to making these two scenarios a reality.”

“At Yellowfin, we know that removing obstacles to reporting and analytics is crucial to user-adoption,” said Glen Rabie, CEO Yellowfin. “We also know that widespread user-adoption is the key to achieving better organizational insight, as well as enabling timely action and outstanding ROI for analytics initiatives. SkyInsight delivers on this by making enterprise reporting and analytics fast, easy and accessible to everyone.”

SkyInsight Benefits and Features

Despite the on-demand and self-service attributes of the Cloud, business users continue to have the challenge of uploading data, updating it, and building reports before they glean any insight from their data. SkyInsight is a highly secure managed service and was designed to remove these barriers by putting best-of-breed tools in the hands of data management experts who know exactly how to maximize business value in the shortest time.

  • On-Demand Analytics – Move data, analyze it and visualize it, while Ingres handles the hardware, provisioning, security, backup and maintenance.
  • Data Visualization – SkyInsight leverages tools available in today’s BI market, making it much easier for business users to flexibly analyze their data. View the video or try the interactive demo powered by Yellowfin.
  • Blazing Fast Performance – SkyInsight utilizes the record-breaking VectorWise technology to deliver business insight at the speed of thought, making it much easier to analyze transactional data directly, without waiting for IT to build aggregated cubes to deliver the needed performance.
  • Consumer-Level Usability – No need for training or special skills other than using a web browser. Ingres takes care of security, encryption, updates, replication and backups so users can focus on managing their business.

Use Cases

SkyInsight enables companies across a variety of industries to derive immediate business value by giving business users insights that impact the bottom line, all without the need to fully engage with IT. A recent survey on analytics usage in the cloud conducted by Ingres, highlighted three main benefits of the service:

  • Increased Agility – ability to react rapidly to business changes without having to wait for IT.
  • Richer Insights – the need for richer analysis and larger data sets that cannot be managed by tools like Excel.
  • Mobile Analytics – ability for road warriors to benefit from business analysis outside the corporate firewall with ease.

“Enterprises will increasingly pursue "cloud analytics" as part of their growing interest in cloud computing and because they will increasingly need to include cloud-sourced data in their analysis,” said Bill Gassman of Gartner Group in a recent report.

“In interviewing many c-level executives about their analytics and BI needs, we identified a need for more self-service solutions that can be deployed faster than traditional on-premise solutions and don’t put undue pressure on already burdened IT resources,” said M.R. Rangaswami, Founder of Sand Hill Group, an organization that conducted research that helped in the delivery of SkyInsight.

Ingres conducted a survey of 222 BI, data warehousing and data analyst professionals of whom 35% said that they are already using the cloud in their businesses, with 36% stating that they plan on using the cloud in their business in the future. Fifty percent of respondents said that ease of maintenance was one of the most important benefits of using cloud-based technologies. In addition, 63% of respondents said that analytics in the cloud could benefit their organizations.

When asked how they plan to leverage the cloud in 1-2 years time, 52% of respondents cited business applications, such as CRM and financial management, while 64% cited business intelligence and data analytics. Thirty-three percent said they intended to use the cloud for cloud-based application development, 30% said data archiving and 29% said data analytics.


The joint Yellowfin and Ingres reporting and analytics solution for the cloud, SkyInsight, is available today. Pricing starts at $2.5K USD per month and scales based on server capacity, complexity of data set and the desired service availability. For more information on SkyInsight pricing and configuration, please contact your local Ingres sales office or sales representative. All pricing is subject to change.


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Ingres is a leading provider of data management solutions enabling companies to derive the highest value from their data. Whether it is by supporting their business with transactional systems running mission critical workloads on Ingres DB, providing rapid insight from historical data using the record breaking VectorWise or innovating with applications in the cloud using SkySafe managed services, thousands of organizations around the world rely on Ingres’ products and services to deliver disruptive price/performance. Ingres solutions are in use at more than 10,000 customers worldwide including Lufthansa, Philips, Lockheed Martin, Fujitsu, Irish Revenue, Sainsbury, Logica and many government and defense departments around the world. Ingres is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Leeds and Melbourne

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