3 Business-oriented factors that assist Business Intelligence scalability

Business Intelligence (BI) scalability relies on more than just technical components and capabilities. The scalability of a BI solution relies as much on business culture, process and mindset as it does on the underpinning technology.

To find out why BI scalability is so important, check out our blog post Top 3 reasons why an easy-to-scale Business Intelligence solution is critical, and for a list of crucial technical features, see our blog 10 technical features that make a Business Intelligence solution scalable.

With that in mind, here are three business-oriented factors that enable BI scalability:

  • Vendor licensing model: A vendor’s licensing model must enable widespread deployments by supporting a realistic total cost of ownership. The licensing model must also be flexible enough to support different businesses or business models.
  • The BI solution must be easy-to-use: Research indicates that there is a direct correlation between the usability of a BI solution, rates of sustained user adoption, and Return on Investment. Scaling a BI solution for mass deployment to an inactive, disengaged user-base is redundant.
  • Provide adequate training and abide by BI best practices: Provide adequate user-group specific training, establish a BI Center of Excellence to ensure BI best practices are adhered to wherever possible, and integrate your core user groups into the delivery team to generate a sense of ownership within the wider user community.

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