Top 3 reasons why an easy-to-scale Business Intelligence solution is critical

More people within an organization are being given access to Business Intelligence (BI) as businesses realize the benefits of enterprise reporting and analytics beyond the boardroom. As a result, the scalability of a BI solution has never been more important.

But why is the scalability of a BI platform crucial – what are the benefits? Well, there are three interrelated answers:

  • Constantly changing reporting needs: If there’s one predictable thing in business and life, it’s that they’re both unpredictable – As an organization expands and develops, its data sources and types will change too. A highly scalable BI solution enables an organization to respond with agility to its changing reporting needs.
  • BI Return on Investment: Mass BI deployments empower more decision makers with actionable information and therefore delivers better BI Return on Investment.
  • Competitive advantage: Pervasive BI deployments deliver critical business insights to decision makers from across the organization fast, allowing them to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and mitigate risk in reduced timeframes.

Improved scalability in Yellowfin 5.2: Easily and securely adapt to changing reporting needs

Yellowfin understands the importance of enterprise scalability. Follow the link to see how Yellowfin can meet your BI scalability requirements.

But we’ve taken it further. Yellowfin 5.2 includes a number of scalability-oriented enhancements that make it even easier to adapt to the shifting and expanding needs of enterprise reporting. Yellowfin 5.2 addresses the need for product robustness and easy scalability by:

  • Making clustering easier.
  • Introducing the ability to share session tokens across instances.
  • Optimizing Yellowfin’s start-up process to minimize dashboard-loading time.

Vigorous security features are also paramount to ensure the protection of corporate data assets and enable BI deployments of scale. Yellowfin 5.2 addresses this need by:

  • Improving the external user authentication process (New features automatically log users out from mobile devices after 20 minutes of inactivity).
  • Enabling authorized users to apply security settings to specific user groups.
  • Including a significant OLAP overhaul, with the introduction of support for PALO, SAP BW and enhancements to connectivity to SQL Server 2005+.

Yellowfin: Making Business Intelligence scalability even easier.

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