What’s Cool in 5.2? HTML 5 Chart Enhancements!

In the 5.2 Yellowfin release we’ve worked hard to ensure the user experience is as easy and thought provoking as possible, which is where our Chart Enhancements come in to play.

Our new Rollovers allow the user to highlight areas of the chart with the touch of a mouse pointer which, coupled with Tooltips ensures maximum readability for our Data Visualisations.

5.2 Rollovers & Tooltips

With the use of some spiffy HTML 5 we have taken our Tooltips from Minimalist Chic to Styled & Empowered. When the user hovers over an area of a Chart or Map, not only is it highlighted, but all relevant information is now displayed in a clear and stylish manner. Where the old Tooltips were restricted to display one key piece of information, the new ones ensure the user has everything they need for a detailed analysis of the visualisation. 

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