Data Visualization & BI Analyze Adult Male Obesity by Country

So you’ve heard the saying “it’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings”. But at Yellowfin we’re all about equality (and making Business Intelligence easy). What about the fat man?

We wondered where you were mostly likely to eavesdrop on the soothing, dulcet alto tones of a heavyset gentleman. And what lifestyle or environmental factors may influence the prevalence of corpulent vocal cords.


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Data provider: United Nations Statistics Division

Definition: A man (adult male) is classified as any male 15 years or older.

The super heavyweights: Countries with 30 percent or more of their adult male population listed as obese

The Cook Islands and Nauru lead the globe in the lumbering, sluggish and jiggling race towards widespread flabbiness, with 56 percent of their adult male populations classified as obese. But is it extreme lifestyle choices or their small populations that lead to such full figures?

Samoa’s cankles carry it over the line for an admirable, artery-clogging third placed finish; while pioneers of the global fast food phenomenon and champions of all that is sugar-coated – The USA – ‘round’ out the top four.

The lightweights: Countries with 10 percent or less of their adult male population listed as obese

On the other end of the stout spectrum, several obvious patterns emerge. Nordic and Asian countries are ‘largely’ bereft of beefy boys.

The third major contributor to the lean collection of countries are those nations with predominantly mean socio-economic conditions. Evidence of this is India. For ease of analysis, we removed decimal places from this data set. On that basis, zero percent of India’s adult male population is obese.

Where to next?

Stayed tuned for more on the battle of the bulge, as we explore the potential lifestyle factors affecting the occurrence of chubby chaps.

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