Thanks to the BBBT

BBBT Yellowfin briefing session
I had the privilege of recently briefing the Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) about Yellowfin’s BI solution, and our strategic and future direction.
For those of you who are new to BI, the BBBT is a global collective of leading independent BI analysts and experts, who participate in regular briefings with ‘interesting and innovative BI vendors’ and last Friday that meant us at Yellowfin.
What’s interesting about the session is the fact that the whole event is conducted via web meeting and broadcast on Twitter, so in conjunction with traditional verbal forms of communication, there exists a separate dialog in the Twitter-sphere.

My only regret is not being able to be in a room with all the attendees and getting to know you all a little better. 

The Days highlights
I personally really enjoyed the opportunity to present to this great group of people. The discussion was robust and certainly shifted me in terms of my thinking about Yellowfin and its market positioning – and for that I thank you all. 
Revisting all that was discussed is difficult – but capturing the top comments from Twitter is easy – just like Yellowfin ; ). So lets go to the highlights.

Lyndsay Wise: Just finishing up with #bbbt and @YellowfinBI… have to admit, this has probably been my favorite #bbbt to date
John Santaferraro:  #BBBT I think the @YellowfinBI differentiators are collaborate, syndicate, and mobilize. Syndication might be the biggest of the three.
Rick Sturm: #Yellowfin has a good interface for collaboration. They have the ability to capture discussion & decisions & then make it searchable. #BBBT
Wise: #BBBT @YellowfinBI just finished showing geospatial capabilities, now showing general dashboards. Very nice presentation layer.
John Myers:  #BBBT @GlenRabie of @YellowfinBI "there’s no ROI on a BI unless there are decisions made…." EXCELLENT POINT!
Dongen: Playing around with @yellowfinbi; @glenrabie was kind enough to send me an eval license earlier. First impression: it’s so…. EASY #BBBT
Sturm:  Getting to the end of today’s #BBBT-consensus is overwhelmingly positive. This response is one of the most positive that I have ever seen.
Neil Raden: #bbbt @YellowfinBI not much new ground in function, but unlike bloated, cobbled-together incumbents, is fresh, clean, smart.
Steve Dine: Wow, @Yellowfin ’s semantic layer built via a web interface, not fat client. Good differentiator.
Where to now?

A podcast recording was made of a one-on-one interview between Claudia Imhoff and myself, and will be the feature of a follow-up blog.
My heartfelt thanks to all at the BBBT for offering their encouragement and advice. We look forward to working closely with you in the future.
List of attendees
If you want access to some great independent BI advice, then look no further – find them on Twitter. The following attended Fridays session:
Carla Agüero
Barry Devlin
Steve Dine
Howard Dresner
Julie Hunt
John Myers
Philippe Niewbourg
Ron Powell
Neil Raden
Jos van Dongen
Lyndsay Wise
Richard Hackathorn
David Imhoff
Claudia Imhoff
John Santaferraro
Rick Sturm

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