What?s Cool in 5.2? Creating Test Reports on a Draft View!

We have a new favourite button in the Yellowfin View Builder – Test Report. This little time saver appears on the View Summary page right when you need it – while your view is in Draft Mode. Its purpose? To make your life easier.

Have you ever wanted to make sure some of the new fields you added are correct? Need to check that calculated field? Have no fear, the Test Report button is here! With one little click you can build a report on your draft view, confirming that your new calculated field indeed does what it’s meant to, or perhaps that Virtual Table needs a little more work.

From here, you are able to quickly return to your view from the Report Preview page and make any amendments necessary. Anyone that’s created a view knows how time consuming it can be having to Activate the view, create a test report, return the view to draft mode, edit and repeat. Well no more, welcome to Yellowfin 5.2.

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