Data visualization shows Premier League transfer spending spree

The unprecedented spending spree in the English Premier League has finally come to an end, with the leagues 20 biggest clubs outlaying a combined total of £485m in the 2011 summer transfer window.


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Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United all broke the £50m mark in the furious summer transfer fest.

The 2011 window experienced an unprecedented workout before closing at 23:00 BST on Wednesday, with this year’s total spend up £120m (33 percent) on last summer’s disbursement.

Individual player transfers (summer transfer window 2011)

A number of notable players found new homes before Wednesday’s cut-off, with Sergio Aguero (£38,000,000), Samir Nasri (£25,000,000), Juan Manuel Mata (£23,000,000), Stewart Downing (£20,000,000 ) and Romelu Lukaku (£19,000,000) settling into new stadiums for sizable settlements.

Premier League and English football cult figure, Peter Crouch, was transferred to Stoke from the Spurs for £10m.

Premier League clubs’ gross transfer spending by transfer window (2003 – 2011)

Not only did the 2011 summer transfer window wind the clock back, as we witnessed a comparable number of high-dosh deals as seen between 2007 and 2009, but when combined with the jostles of January, it exceeded the record set in 2008 by £35m.

Gross transfer spend by club and average spend per season (2003 – 2011)

Over the same period (2003 – 2011), Chelsea has been the predominant poacher, spending a staggering £592,300,000 on transfers.

Unsurprisingly, Chelsea also has the highest per year gross transfer spend of any Premier League club between ‘03 and ’11, averaging an outlay of £54,562,500 a season.

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