Yellowfin & Actian Partner with ecommbi to Tackle Growing Data

Innovations Make Analysis of Growing Data Faster, More Intuitive & More Affordable

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – January 31 2012Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.) and International Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor Yellowfin, have signed an agreement with ecommbi to deliver intuitive and high performance analytics for the media, financial, utility and retail sectors.

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ecommbi, an integrator of high performance e-commerce and business monitoring tools, has incorporated Yellowfin’s renowned ease-of-use BI solution and Actian’s record-breaking Vectorwise database to handle rapidly growing data requirements of larger businesses. By integrating Yellowfin’s intuitive BI interface, latest mapping, mobile and collaborative capabilities, in conjunction with Vectorwise’s market-leading performance, ecommbi makes it easier to analyze more data faster with less hardware.

“Social media, mobile devices and new infrastructure, such as smart meters, mean that more data is being collected than ever before,” said ecommbi Director of Sales, Matt Cowie. “We wanted to make reporting and analysis faster, more intuitive and more affordable for the masses. After a long search we chose the Vectorwise database because it offers unparalleled performance on large data sets, and Yellowfin because it’s the only BI application we found that delivers on the promise of ‘actionable insight’, makes BI more intuitive, is collaborative and is so compatible on mobile devices.”

Dresner Advisory Services’ 2011 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study ranked and compared 16 of the world’s leading BI vendors. Yellowfin outscored mega vendors and big name players and was recommended by 100 percent of survey participants. Yellowfin also scored particularly highly on usability related criteria, including ease of administration, overall usability, ease of installation and third party integration.

Last year, the record-breaking Vectorwise database smashed the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-H benchmark for 100GB, 300GB and 1TB on a single cluster by the largest margin ever recorded.

“We are excited about growing our partner ecosystem with Yellowfin and ecommbi,” said Fred Gallagher, General Manager for the Vectorwise business unit. “ecommbi’s cloud-based insight tools, and the collaborative functionality of Yellowfin, enable businesses to take action on big data.”

“We’re delighted to assist ecommbi and its clients achieve unmatched ROI through faster reporting and analytics, at a fraction of the cost, with less complexity,” said Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie. “For years, BI and Data Warehousing companies have delivered products only affordable for organizations at the very top end of town. Yellowfin and Vectorwise offer a complete business analytics package unparalleled in performance, speed, cost effectiveness, and ease-of-use.”

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About ecommbi

ecommbi change the way people think about eCommerce, Business Intelligence (BI) and data integration. ecommbi implement best-of-breed solutions that deliver high performance, flexibility and best return on investment for global customers in retail, utilities and financial services.

About Yellowfin

Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor headquartered and developed in Melbourne, Australia. Yellowfin is a highly intuitive 100 percent Web-based reporting and analytics solution.

About Actian: Incite Action

Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corp.) is the first to unveil a cloud development platform for building Action Apps. Action Apps are lightweight consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. Actian products incite action at more than 10,000 customers worldwide by driving their mission critical workloads and providing rapid action insights to their data. Actian is headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Melbourne. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook and Twitter.

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