Yellowfin Quick How To – Conditional Formatting on Charts

How can I highlight an area on my chart using alerts created on the report?

You can accomplish this by applying a conditional formatting alert to a field used in your chart.

  1. Create a conditional formatting alert (this will have to be a basic alert rule, in order to be used on a chart)
  2. Create and generate your chart as normal
  3. Enable the conditional formatting display in the Series Selection panel
  4. Select the display options required for your alert. Note: there are three types of conditional formatting display available on charts in Yellowfin. They are:
  • Area: a range matching the alert condition is highlighted on the plot area
  • Bar: changes the colour of the bar/columns that match the alert condition
  • Line: creates a coloured line, similar to a reference line, on the plot area

Once you’ve completed these steps you should have alerts displayed on your chart.