A personal Business Intelligence story

Meet David.

The unflappable, malice-less David heads-up Yellowfin’s commendable support team. Who says it’s commendable? Those whose opinion matters: Our customers.

And if you’re a Yellowfin user, it’s likely that David has personally helped you solve many a mind melting conundrum with his blisteringly fast emails, ever effervescent phone manner, and titillatingly timely forum posts.

If you’re not a Yellowfin user, then you’re missing out on part of what makes Business Intelligence just so easy.

5 things about David

  • Lived overseas for three years
  • LOVES playing the office clown
  • Plays tennis, video games and the piano
  • Is a horror movie buff
  • And is scared beyond mortification by childrens’ television series the Teletubbies and In The Night Garden

David’s secret

So what’s David’s secret to staying so cucumber-cool while straining and striving for support excellence? His mild-mannered, yet mischievous mannerisms? Maybe. But we don’t want to stroke Dave’s ego too much – his more malevolent side might win out.

So, we’ll just say that his ever-calm demeanor is most likely due to his mesmerizingly memorable view of Melbourne…

David Registro: Helping Yellowfin make Business Intelligence easy.