We need you! Fill out ‘The BI Survey 11: Customer Verdict’ today!

The world’s largest survey of Business Intelligence (BI) users – The BI Survey – is on again – and we need your help! As valued partners and BI users, this is your chance to influence Yellowfin’s strategic direction and the BI market place at large.

If you could spare 20 minutes to fill in a brief online survey about your BI expectations and experience using Yellowfin, we would greatly appreciate the effort.

To complete the survey, simply follow this link: https://digiumenterprise.com/answer?link=942-85HHRDRF

Please feel free to forward this post, or distribute the attached link, to any appropriate colleagues or partners.

As a participant, you will:

  • Receive a summary of the results from the full survey
  • Be entered into a draw to win one of ten $50 Amazon vouchers
  • Ensure that your experiences are included in the final analyses

Please use your corporate email address to complete the survey, or your submission will not be counted.

Your answers will be anonymous. Your details will not be sold or given to any vendors or third-party organizations.

Survey responses are open until the end of June.

Your contribution will help continue Yellowfin’s rise as an emerging leader in BI – so thank you for your time and support!

Follow the link below to take part in The BI Survey 11: https://digiumenterprise.com/answer?link=942-85HHRDRF

More on BARC and The BI Survey 11

BARC’s annual survey gathers input from a large number of organizations to better understand their buying decisions, their implementation cycles and the benefits they achieve from using BI software.

The BI Survey 11 is strictly vendor-independent: BARC does not accept vendor sponsorship of the Survey, and the results are analyzed and published without any vendor involvement.

More on BARC

More on The BI Survey

For further information, please contact Silke Hopf at BARC (shopf@barc.de).

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: pr@yellowfin.com.au

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