Infographics & data visualization put Mobile BI in context, demonstrate Apple’s wealth

The explosion of Mobile Business Intelligence

Recently, we’ve been exuberantly exploring the seemingly boundless benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence (BI).

We’ve found that Mobile BI is set to become pervasive:

  • Around 50% of organizations will have Mobile BI by the end of 2012
  • Organizations that introduce Mobile BI into their BI system experience a doubling of usage
  • Organizations with Mobile BI can make critical business decisions six times faster than organizations without a mobile platform for reporting and analytics

Mobile BI in context: The rise of enterprise mobility

But the sudden growth and interest in mobile reporting and analytics is part of a bigger trend towards enterprise mobility. Organizations across the globe are embracing new mobile devices, technologies and platforms, as the benefits of constant connectivity begin to be fully realized:

  • Half of the devices on corporate networks will be mobile devices by 2015
  • Enterprise mobile workers will make up 73% of the workforce by 2013
  • Sales of Web-enabled mobile devices have surpassed sales of Web-enabled laptops, notebooks and desktop PCs

The mobile dependent executive

The continued development and integration of mobile technologies into the workplace is dramatically altering the working habits and patterns of ever-travelling senior executives:

  • The travelling business executive works 240 more hours per year than the average worker
  • 94% of these travelling workaholics remain connect to work while on vacation
  • 95% of these perpetually airborne managers own a smartphone, and 59% would feel utterly-at-sea if they had to part with it for just a week

Apple cashes in…

And seemingly, amidst all this talk of anywhere, anytime information access, there remains one constant – Apple. The truly unprecedented popularity of Apple’s iPhone and iPad – both for business and leisure – has seen the technology innovator cash-in; big:

  • Apple’s 2011 sales reached an epic $128 billion – that’s more than the GDP of 100 of the world’s countries
  • Apple sells 694 iPads every minute
  • Apple has sold 200 million iOS devices since launch in 2008 – almost the same number of total worldwide car sales over the same period (213 million)

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