BBBT experts blown away by Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence solution (again)

Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, has presented to the renowned Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT) – a collection of industry-leading analysts and Business Intelligence (BI) thought leaders – with Yellowfin’s BI solution receiving high praise for the second year in a row.

What’s the BBBT?

The BBBT is a BI forum based in Denver, Colorado. The BBBT is a gathering of leading BI analysts, experts and practitioners, who participate in regular half-day briefings with ‘interesting and innovative BI vendors’.

The reciprocal arrangement enables the analysts to stay abreast of the latest technology and business developments of prominent BI vendors. In return, the analysts deliver objective critiques, as well as offering strategic product and brand positioning advice.

Agenda: Collaborative and consumer-oriented BI

The briefing session focused on Yellowfin’s overarching product and marketing strategy, aimed at engaging the wider audience of the BI consumer, as well as the vendor’s enhanced Collaborative BI features and functionality. Updates to Yellowfin’s collaborative capabilities will be made officially available via the vendor’s next major product release, scheduled for November this year.

Respected French BI commentator, journalist and analyst, Philippe Nieuwbourg, applauded Yellowfin’s new pricing model and collaborative competencies, stating that its biggest challenge moving forward would be to “reassure and convince CIOs to question the decision-making tool ‘dinosaurs’ and trust this new generation [of BI solutions].”

More of Philippe’s comments can be found HERE >


Rabie and Yellowfin drew strong approval from the participating analysts who voiced their queries and comments publicly, and in real-time, via the Twitter hash tag #BBBT. Highlights from this Twitter stream included:

  • Claudia Imhoff (Ph.D) [BBBT host and Present & Founder of Intelligence Solutions, the company responsible for coordinating the BBBT and producing its events]:  Love the fact that @YellowfinBI and @glenrabie recognize that BI is not about the tool but the experience… Wonderful attitude! #BBBT

  • John Myers [Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, and Founder of consulting and analysis firm, Blue Buffalo Group]:  mega dittos! RT @theagilist: #BBBT session with @YellowfinBI. Nothing @glenrabie talks about is under NDA. What a refreshing attitude.

  • Ali Rebaie [Founder & BI consultant of Rebaie Analytics Group, and Founder & President of the first PASS SQL Server & BI chapter in Lebanon]:  Impressive pricing model from @YellowfinBI !! $3000 for 5 users per year. #BBBT

  • Neil Raden [CEO & Principal Analyst at Hired Brains Inc. and co-author of Smart (Enough) Systems]:  "How do people really work with data." Finally someone is thinking about this #bbbt #yellowfin

  • Imhoff (Ph.D):  @YellowfinBI storyboard: new way to interact, collaborate, better way to consume BI #bbbt

  • Ken Collier (Ph.D) [Academic, author and Senior Consultant in the Cutter Consortium: Agile in Development and BI practices]:  @YellowfinBI "Collaborative BI is BI self-actualization" Maslow’s needs ref. When BI is just part of how we interact = beauty! #BBBT

  • Imhoff (Ph.D):  @YellowfinBI so right in saying that data tells a story. Business users want to be able to tell that story – easily & with comments… #BBBT

  • Collier (Ph.D):  Ability to create @YellowfinBI tab with multiple perspectives of one metric and annotate parts of the dashboard – cool! #BBBT

  • Imhoff (Ph.D):  What a great #BBBT session with @YellowfinBI and @glenrabie! I see a bright future for the company! Many thanks for the event.

  • Collier (Ph.D):  Great session with @YellowfinBI , @glenrabie was very open to feedback and gave a great presentation. #BBBT

BBBT and Yellowfin podcast

Imhoff expressed admiration for Yellowfin’s ability to facilitate widespread user adoption through product ease-of-use, product positioning, as well as its collaborative capabilities.

A podcast recording of a subsequent one-on-one interview between Rabie and Imhoff can be downloaded HERE >

Thanks to the BBBT

On behalf of the entire team at Yellowfin, a sincere thank you to the BBBT and its contributing analysts for participating in some very exciting, constructive and entertaining dialogue.

Glen is already looking forward to his next opportunity to engage your collective minds on the ever-developing BI marketplace and Yellowfin’s associated product and business strategies.

Best regards,

The team at Yellowfin