Yellowfin Location Intelligence Best Practices Webinar recording and slides

Miss Yellowfin’s Location Intelligence Best Practices Webinar series?

Relax. It’s ok – we’ve thoughtfully recorded the presentation and made the slides available for download!

Webinar Recording

Webinar Presentation Slides

What will you learn?

Yellowfin’s Location Intelligence Best Practices Webinar event outlined and defined the meaning and benefits of Location Intelligence (LI). And more importantly, it explained how to harness advanced mapping capabilities to advantage your organization by effectively aligning business development and strategy.

Watch this recording to learn:

  • The latest trends driving development and demand for LI.
  • Why the ability to map, visualize and understand data from a geographic standpoint will become an increasingly important part of any Business Intelligence (BI) solution.
  • How to deploy best practice LI to generate context, meaning and expose crucial relationships between data types.
  • Why Yellowfin’s Macquarie University implementation was recognized by Ventana Research as the best 2010/11 worldwide example of LI and the most likely to produce significant business value heading into 2012. To find out more, go HERE >

Did you know that more than 80% of your corporate data has a spatial element? That’s why merging your location-based and traditional BI information provides context to your business data and enables you to see new opportunities!

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