Yellowfin Quick How To – Calendar Months Order

So, you’ve built a report using Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence solution in order to present some monthly figures to your CEO. But, the months are sorted in alphabetical order. You need them sorted by calendar order – January, August, September, October, November.

However, all your attempts to sort month values using the standard report sort menu fail.

Do not panic. There are a few simple ways to help resolve your problem.

1.  Put your view into Edit mode:
a.  Go to Report -> Edit menu and click on the ‘View’ link
b.  Go to the second step of your View Editor and locate your Month dimension
c.  Double click on the dimension, select ‘Format’ tab and select the ‘Org Ref Code’ option from the drop down list
d.  Choose ‘Create New Type’ option and pre-populate values from your Database
e.  Assign each month a sort order
For example, to make January the first month on your list, put a tick in front of January and press ‘Edit’ button. Change Sort Order from 0 to 1 and hit ‘Enter’. Repeat the same process for all other months.

As soon as the new Sort Order is assigned for all twelve months, give your Org Ref Code a name and hit the ‘Save’ button.

f.  Save all your edits and activate your view.
2.  Apply your new Org Ref Code to your report:
a.  Select your ‘Month’ column and click on the ‘Display’ option. Select Org Ref Code from the drop down list
b.  Choose your newly created Org Ref Code name as a Reference Type, then hit ‘Save’

Now, just add the total and you’re ready to go!

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