Without the know-how, migration can be a tricky issue for Business Intelligence too!

Lately, there’s been a fair amount of discussion – across a number of newspapers – on the topic of migration. So, I thought I’d keep with the major media trend, and discuss this issue with regard to Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence solution.

Migrating Yellowfin from one computer to another is a relatively simple process – provided you have done a modicum of planning. Here’s a summary of the different methods you can use.

As with most environmental changes in IT, make sure you’ve done your backup before the fun begins. We suggest you ensure both the old and the new servers are on the same version of Yellowfin.

When planning your Yellowfin migration, there are three main points to consider:

1. Reports /Users / Source filters (Stored in the Yellowfin Repository DB)

If you’re planning on copying / moving only certain data sources / views / reports or dashboards (i.e. and leaving the rest behind), then we suggest that you use the Import / Export feature:

Importing/Exporting – Please see this wiki page for a description of the Import / Export process.

If you want to copy / move Yellowfin users, groups, configuration settings, source filters or role settings, it’s best to copy the entire Yellowfin Repository DB. For more detail, check out the following forum post:  Moving or Copying the Yellowfin DB

2. Custom functions / icons / JSPs (Stored in the Yellowfin installation directory)

If you have custom analytic functions, or have used your own images / icons, you’ll also need to copy the Yellowfin installation directory. Please see the following post for further information:  Moving the Yellowfin directory

3. Licence file

Licence details are stored within the Yellowfin Repository DB. If the DB has been moved or restored, you will need to upload the licence file again.

If the DB has been restored on a different server, a new licence file will need to be created referencing the correct computer hostname.

In this case, you’ll need to email either
support@yellowfin.com.au or accounts@yellowfin.com.au for a new licence.

In this instance, simply provide the previous computer name so that the previous licence can be cancelled. Additionally, you’ll need to provide your new computer name for the new licence.

If you receive any errors with the above steps, just email support@Yellowfin.com.au and provide as much information as possible, including screenshots, log files and the steps you’ve taken.