A personal Business Intelligence story: Celebrating the life and times of Sproose Moose

Forget your impending Halloween celebrations. Forget the imminent US presidential elections. This is where the real party’s at!

Today, the Yellowfin team; neigh, the Business Intelligence (BI) world, pauses to acknowledge and applaud the esteemed character and revered coding prowess of Yellowfin’s Chief Product Architect, Sproose Moose (Peter Damen).

Ten years ago this week, Peter began his employment at Yellowfin. Peter is now rightly considered a colossus of the BI industry.

You might remember him from famed media interviews, including:

So forget about Rocky and Bullwinkle – this Moose needs no sidekick

Whether he’s chilling at the snow

Or savoring a sausage on the sand

We’d like to acknowledge the efforts of one of the founding members of Yellowfin.

So, on behalf of the entire team at Yellowfin, congratulations on ten years of dedication and stellar success.

The team at Yellowfin.