How do you select a Business Intelligence vendor?

By Sadaka Ehrenblad

Yellowfin consulting services

Gartner says that “Organizations often shortsightedly focus solely on license metrics when comparing business intelligence platform vendor costs, even though it makes up only a small portion of overall cost of ownership”.

In fact Gartner goes on to say “ongoing development and administration spending makes up the vast majority of business intelligence platform ownership costs”.

So, bottom line in selecting a Business Intelligence (BI) vendor? The team who can make your reporting and analytics initiative is a success.

We’ve blogged and raved lyrical about our free-spirited developers and peerless support. Well, today, a few words about our United Nations consulting team and what we do. In particular, we bring to your attention our Quick Start Packages.

A few of our intrepid consultants
Select consultants from Oceania:

Jenny: Siberian, multi medal-winning ballroom dancer, simultaneously tough and gentle.

Cameron: Kiwi, our youngest team member, razor sharp intellect, and recipient to raving customer reviews.

Ivan: Malaysian, deep and brooding, brilliant with databases, architecture, infrastructure… oh and the customer schmooze.

Brett: Australian, understated, relaxed but always on the ball, funny, musical, creative and ever so popular.

Teresa: Melbournian, chocaholic, a force to be reckoned with, the nerve center of Yellowfin headquarters and trainer extraordinaire.

We work tirelessly with customers and our reseller network on the multifarious aspects of demonstrating, developing, training and implementing BI solutions.

What we do

We assist you to get the best from your investment in world-class software.

Yellowfin is head quartered in Australia and operates globally through our partner network. Your service related inquiries can be directed to our offices in Australia, USA, Japan, Brazil, Philippines or Brazil or to our Partners spread throughout the globe.

Within Yellowfin, our service offering is geared around best practice solutions for Yellowfin product deployment, content development and integration. Our experienced consultants take a holistic approach to defining and delivering outcomes with tangible return on investment.

Post purchase, you decide the level of involvement you require from us in order to hit the ground running with content (reports and dashboards) and a system (software, hardware and databases).

Packaged consulting is one way we make the choice easier.

Evaluation packages

Quick Start Guided Evaluation

Overview: Make the right decision. We can help you develop a rapid Proof of Concept solution that your users will love. Learn how to make the most of Yellowfin and your data in just days.

Includes: Connecting to a data source, building initial reports and dashboards, as well as basic restyling and training.
3 days – $4,500

Yellowfin Executive Dashboard

Overview: Convert traditional executive reports, based on spreadsheet content, into powerful, interactive Yellowfin reports and dashboards. They can be consumed on browsers or mobile devices.

Includes: Interview and discovery, solution design and build, workshop presentation.
3 days – $4,500

Integration and Authentication

Overview: This one is aimed at our ISV partners. Seamlessly embed world-class reporting and analytics into your existing application with our Web services and integration framework. You only do this once – so let’s do it quickly.

Includes: Security integration & authentication, data security and User Interface integration.
3 days – $4,500

Go-live packages

Yellowfin Styling and Customization

Overview: Boost user adoption. Restyle Yellowfin to look and feel like your app or intranet.

Includes: Custom CSS, image replacement, corporate colors, custom login page, header and footer design.
2 days – $3,000

Deployment Planning

Overview: How will you maintain and support your reports and dashboards? Learn about the administrative planning aspects of deploying and maintaining the Yellowfin system, users and contents.

Includes: Deployment options, development environment considerations, content migration, corporate styling, system configuration, advice for single sign on configuration, user profiles and access rights.
1 day – $1,500

View Development

Overview: Create and optimize your Yellowfin Views for performance, drill and ease of use.

Includes: Review and recommendations relating to datamart design and development of a Yellowfin View(s).
1 day – $1,500

Continuous Improvement packages

Mobile Workshop

Overview: Learn how to develop and deploy content for consumptions via mobile devices.

Includes: Assessing design requirements, developing report content, training and demonstration.
1 day – $1,500

Performance Tuning

Overview: Analysis of your Yellowfin architecture and recommendation to improve performance.

Includes: Monitoring and accessing your system(s), interviews with technical staff, report preparation and delivery of findings (may be conducted on or off site depending on individual circumstances).
3-4 days $4,500 – $6,000

Upgrade and Migration

Overview: Yellowfin to scope and co-ordinate upgrade, testing and migration.

Includes: Establishing requirements and conducting upgrade and / or migration.
0.5-1 day scoping – No Charge
Based on scope – $1,500 per day

More information, and a listening ear, is just a phone call or email away.

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