Using Yellowfin’s Mobile BI solution… getting started

Mobile BI
is something that has become increasingly important in our modern always-connected world, as you no longer have an excuse to leave your work at the office (thanks Mr. Jobs).

Consequently, we’ve become increasingly reliant on getting things done on-the-move – usually during our daily commute whilst brushing our teeth and attempting to smooth the creases out of yesterday’s shirt (or is that just me…?).

Here at Yellowfin, we understand the time pressures of modern working life. So we’re trying to make your in-between time as productive and painless as possible. Our native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android let you quickly access the reports you need, leaving you more time to sleep the rest of your way into the office – or unwillingly listen to another commuters’ extremely loud music.”

Getting started

Accessing Yellowfin’s mobile apps is easy – we’ll have you collaborating and making decisions with your data while on-the-go in no time!

Just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1.
Download the free app from the App Store;

Step 2.

Step 3.
Launch app!

Yes, it’s that simple

The app will come with a default connection to the Yellowfin demo server, so you’re ready to go.

To connect to your own Yellowfin server, just create a new connection and enter in the relevant parameters as outlined in THIS POST >

Now enjoy that second coffee & muffin as you can now prepare for your meeting during your morning commute. You’re welcome.

Also note, we are expecting to have our latest Andriod app up ready for your enjoyment by the end of February.