Support Update: Thinking about upgrading to Yellowfin 6.3? We’ve got you covered!

By David Registro

We get a flurry of requests each day, which vary from ‘How do I log in?’, to ‘How do I get my cat out of the tree?’, and ‘How can I create a report that shows my last two years worth of sales data, with a prediction for the next two years, then broadcast it out?’.

Despite this array of (usually relevant) enquiries, a discernable pattern typically emerges each month.

For June, it’s all centered around the launch of Yellowfin 6.3.

Discover what Yellowfin 6.3 – the latest version of Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence solution – has to offer HERE >

Most queries have focused on the requirements and necessary steps for moving up to 6.3 from previous versions. So how does this all work?

 Relax. The procedure is actually quite simple.

Getting started

If you’re wondering how to migrate to Yellowfin 6.3, all you need to do is:

1. Ensure you have a development / test server
that you can upgrade to confirm that all items are working, prior to upgrading your live / production box. 

This precautionary step is actually quite important, especially in larger environments, as it ensures all cosmetic changes are well received. The last thing you want is to move the filter button, and not tell your users ;). 

2. Backup your data (this is just a safety precaution)!

Firstly, backup your Database (DB) (this should be done by your DB Administrator). The procedure varies, depending on your DB. Next, backup your Yellowfin Folder. Just make a copy of your current Yellowfin Folder and put it somewhere safe – preferably outside of your original Yellowfin Folder.

3. Run the Yellowfin update installer ‘yellowfin-20130531-update’.

This can be accessed from our support site. If you’re having trouble finding it, please shoot us an email (

4. Once the install has finished, simply login as per normal.

Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!

Additional information on migration can be found with the Yellowfin forum, HERE >

Thanks for trying Yellowfin

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