The future of Business Intelligence is simple

Off the back of Yellowfin’s recent launch of Yellowfin South Africa, as reported on (Business Intelligence vendor Yellowfin appoints South African distributor), CEO Glen Rabie was interviewed by to get his take on the reasons underpinning Yellowfin’s successful expansion into sub-Saharan Africa, and how those factors relate to the broader Business Intelligence (BI) market.

Rabie said that while recent attention has focused on the possibilities of advanced analytics, Big Data, and the potential consequential complexities, BI’s ultimate success rests on its ability to offer a consumer-friendly approach to reporting and analytics.

“The question has recently been asked whether Big Data spells the end of BI, and whether confusion about the meaning of the terms ‘business intelligence’, ‘analytics’ and ‘big data’ contributed to a decline in the growth of the BI market last year,” said Rabie. “We believe that a simplified approach to providing organizations insight into their businesses is where the market will turn to in order to achieve rapid value.”

But, Rabie was quick to assert that “An application that is easy to use should not compromise on functionality.”

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