BI Dashboard Best Practices Webinar recording and slides (2013)

Miss Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence Dashboards Best Practices Webinar series? Or maybe you just want to relive the experience – again, and again, and…

Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve thoughtfully recorded the Webinar and made the presentation slides available for download.

Webinar recording

Webinar presentation slides

Download a PDF of the presentation slides HERE >

What will you learn?

Dashboards were rated as the No.1 strategic Business Intelligence (BI) technology in Dresner Advisory Services’ 2013 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study. In fact, 96% of respondents rated dashboards as “important”, “very important” or “critical” to the success of their BI program.

But, data visualization expert, Stephen Few, has declared that the majority of today’s BI dashboards fail.

Watch Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence Dashboards Best Practices Webinar to discover how to design and deliver best practice dashboards that effectively and efficiently communicate your BI content to your users, facilitating better and faster fact-based decision-making.

This Webinar outlines how to:

  • Design and deliver best practice dashboards that provide instant insight
  • Create dashboards that are relevant to job function, relate to business strategy and prompt accurate, timely action
  • Select appropriate visualizations that best communicate the message that chosen KPIs are intended to convey

“One of the best ways to underpin the success of anyway BI project is to ensure that you supply users with easy-to-understand, relevant and timely information. The best way to achieve that goal, is via best practice dashboards.”

– Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie

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