BI.TV Series 1, Episode 10 (Business Intelligence & Analytics news, views & reviews)

Welcome to BI.TV – your vendor agnostic fortnightly recap of global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics news, views and reviews.

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In the news

Episode 10 of BI.TV explores a range of prominent topics and new research reports within the business analytics industry: From the practical ways in which Big Data Analytics are already being used to change the world around us; tips for making BI programs more efficient in order to maximize ROI; Howard Dresner’s latest study into BI for small to midsized organizations; the reasons why small businesses are choosing cloud analytics over on-premise set-ups; and Ventana Research’s assessment of the current state of location analytics.

Story 1: “The Awesome Ways Big Data Is Used Today To Change Our World

Story 2: “5 Ways to Make Your BI Program More Efficient and Maximize ROI

Story 3: “SMEs Enjoy Business Intelligence Edge

Story 4: “3 Reasons Small Business Should Choose Cloud Analytics

Story 5: “The State of Location Analytics: Ventana Research

Story 6: LinkedIn discussions

Well, we’re out of time again.

We’ll catch you soon for another episode of BI.TV.

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