Data sourcing best practices for reporting: Webinar recording and slides

Miss our Data Sourcing Best Practices for Reporting Webinar? Or, perhaps you just want to relive the event in all its glory? Either way, you’re in luck.

We’ve thoughtfully recorded the Webinar for your on-demand viewing pleasure.

Data Sourcing Best Practices for Reporting Webinar recording

Data Sourcing Best Practices for Reporting Webinar presentation slides

And, we uploaded the slide deck to Slideshare; allowing you to move through the presentation at your own pace.

Download the presentation slides HERE >

Why do Yellowfin and SolveXia work so well together?

“The SolveXia – Yellowfin alliance provides businesses with an end-to-end story for the lifecycle of information – from business process automation, information storage, to providing reporting and analytics capabilities”

– SolveXia Managing Director and CIO, James Simpson

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Why watch?

Are you trapped in reporting hell?

Do you spend hours struggling to manually produce the reports management demands? Are you working with disparate islands of outdated data? And, after all that hard work, are the reports produced inaccurate and untrustworthy?

Watch this on-demand Webinar from SolveXia and Yellowfin – Data Sourcing Best Practices for Reporting – to discover how to build reliable supply chains of data in just 30-minutes. Learn how to quickly and easily go from source data to killer report – every time.

Only dependable and repeatable processes can produce quality data and reports. Ensure your reporting generates the business insights you need. Let SolveXia and Yellowfin show you how.

What will you learn?

Think the ability to deliver world-class, up-to-date and accurate reports that anyone can access, analyze and act on is important? Then this Webinar is a must.

Watch the on-demand version to learn how to:

  • Create business critical reports on which you and your organization can rely
  • Deliver sleek, sexy and intuitive charts, reports and dashboards to anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Become the information Superhero you were meant to be!

The data that underpins any reporting system must be managed properly to make sure it’s clean, relevant and delivered in a timely manner to maximize the ability of enterprise BI solutions to produce actionable insights. Do you know how?

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The teams at Yellowfin and SolveXia