BI.TV Series 2, Episode 1 (Business Intelligence & Analytics news, views & reviews)

Welcome to season two of BI.TV – your vendor agnostic fortnightly recap of global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics news, views and reviews.

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In the news

This episode of BI.TV explores a range of topics:

  • Guest blogger for the Rust Report, CEO of Red Rock Consulting Jonathan Rubinsztein, argues that we need to shift our focus from Big Data to “smart data”
  •’s Paul Rubens cites research and commentary from analyst heavyweights Gartner and Forrester as he outlines six big BI mistakes to avoid
  • Writing for, Principal Consultant for MAS Strategies Michael Schiff, uses failures encountered during the website rollout for America’s Affordable Care Act to develop a list of 10 best practices for BI implementations
  • Principal Analyst at CBIG Consulting, John Harmann, compiled a list of six tips to assist BI professionals to translate Agile BI theory into practice

On the agenda

Story 1: “Forget big data, we need smart data

Story 2: “6 Big Business Intelligence Mistakes

Story 3: “When Implementations Fail: Lessons and 10 Best Practices for BI Professionals

Story 4: “When Agile BI is Not Agile

Story 5: Let’s get interactive

Over to you…

The interactive portion of this episode directs your attention towards two thought-provoking discussions taking place on LinkedIn. The first conversation was instigated by the question “Why do BI implementations fail?”, and can be found on the Business Intelligence Professionals Group.

The other asks “What advancements do you see in Big Data in 2014”. You can join the conversation on the Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, MIS Reporting & Database Group.

Well, that’s it for the first installment of the second series of BI.TV.

Thanks for your company, we’ll see you next time.

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