Gartner’s Dan Sommer acknowledges Yellowfin as a Collaborative BI pioneer

Principal Analyst in Gartner’s Technology & Service Provider Research Group, Dan Sommer, has pinpointed Yellowfin as a pioneer in Collaborative Business Intelligence (BI).

Speaking at Gartner’s recent Las Vegas Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, held across 31 March – 2 April 2014, Sommer said that many BI and analytics vendors were looking to roll out new collaborative features – specifically Storyboarding or, as Sommer described it, “PowerPoint for BI”.

“It’s a major piece that all vendors are chasing right now,” said Sommer. “[In this regard], Yellowfin is an early pioneer.”

The comments were made as Sommer addressed what he dubbed a “best of times” moment and “worst of times” battle within the BI and analytics market.

Sommer said that the market was undergoing significant growth and transition as BI and analytics is pushed into the mainstream, and away from its IT-centric roots, into ‘the business’.

Sommer said that the continued emergence of new nimble ‘start-ups’, coinciding with this marked growth, was causing significant disruption to the BI industry by delivering new consumer-oriented functionality.

This new approach, engineered to tap into the popularization and subsequent consumerization of BI, is capable of supporting pervasive enterprise-wide reporting and analytics implementations. Consequently, traditional BI players are scrambling to re-engineer their products and re-position their market stance to avoid being left in the dust.

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