Running SQL in Hadoop with Actian Vortex and Yellowfin

Last week at the seventh annual Hadoop Summit – held across June 3 – 5, 2014, in San Jose, California – Platinum sponsor, and Yellowfin partner, Actian Corporation announced a new version of Vortex that runs SQL in Hadoop.

For the last two years, many projects have been started from the ground up to make Hadoop SQL compliant.

What’s interesting about Actian’s Vortex solution for Hadoop – the Hadoop-enabled MPP version of Vector, is that they’ve gone the other way. Actian have taken their performance leading Vector database and embedded it on each node of the Hadoop cluster. The result? Super-fast, scalable and ANSI-Standard query performance.

Watch this video to see how Actian Vortex returns SQL queries 18x faster than Cloudera Impala, both running inside Yellowfin.

What this means for end-users?

  • You can use Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to store more data affordably
  • You can query that data using Yellowfin directly inside Hadoop (you don’t need to move the data to a separate data warehouse)
  • You can get answers to those queries FAST with Yellowfin and Actian