Yellowfin named one of industry’s “most respected” Mobile BI solutions

An article on professional online forum Quora – a platform where mobile applications development companies can network, display and broadcast their work – has named Yellowfin as one of the Business Intelligence (BI) industry’s “most respected” Mobile BI solutions.

Written by Sunanda Jayanth, and syndicated on media outlet, The State of Mobile Business Intelligence article cited Gartner’s prediction that by 2015 over 50 percent of BI users would retrieve their insights solely from mobile devices.

The article then listed what it identified as the BI industry’s leading providers of mobile reporting and analytics, which included Yellowfin.

“A most impressive feature of this BI suite is its scalability — one customer can run 180,000 users off just a handful of servers, so it’s ideal for large community deployments,” said the article in reference to Yellowfin’s Mobile BI capabilities. “It also allows for collaboration / social sharing of information on reports and dashboards through a Facebook-like interface. Results can be presented through a PowerPoint style interface at monthly meetings. The suite comfortably deploys across all mobile devices.”

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