Business Intelligence market will consolidate and converge

According to Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, the Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software market is set to undergo a period of significant consolidation and convergence over the next five years.

In a candid and insightful interview at Think Tank 2014 – Yellowfin’s annual BI and analytics conference – Rabie predicted that it would become increasingly difficult for vendors to differentiate themselves from competitors with an onslaught of feature/function me-too-ism. Ominously, he forecast that, as a result, only those who managed to deliver significant points of difference would survive that period of impending assimilation.

To do so, Rabie suggested that creating a unique total customer experience – from the day of product discovery, to POC, through to purchase, implementation and support into the future – would be critical to remain competitive and attain brand distinction.

The future direction of the Business Intelligence marketplace

Interview questions

*What makes Think Tank a unique event in this industry?

*How does Think Tank benefit Yellowfin’s partners and clients?

*Think Tank 2014 had the live launch of the Beta version of Yellowfin 7.1. What does Yellowfin 7.1 offer both the end-user and the enterprise?

*Your concluding keynote at Think Tank 2014 talks about the future direction of Yellowfin’s product roadmap and the BI industry more broadly. So where do you see the BI industry in five years time?

About Glen Rabie

Glen Rabie is the CEO and joint founder of Yellowfin, a global BI and analytics software vendor headquartered and developed in Melbourne, Australia.

Glen began working in the data analysis and strategy field for the National Australia Bank (NAB) in 1996, establishing Yellowfin in 2003 with business partner Justin Hewitt (COO) in response to the frustration, complexity and cost he found many clients struggling with when implementing and using traditional BI tools.

A self-confessed data junky, Glen holds a Masters of Commerce from The University of Melbourne, a postgraduate diploma in Industrial Relations and Human Resources, and double degree in Arts/Commerce.

About Think Tank

Think Tank is Yellowfin’s annual BI and analytics conference.

Think Tank offers outstanding learning and networking opportunities, with two days of best practice and case study presentations, as well as technical training seminars.

Sessions run across multiple dedicated streams, tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a user, software or reseller partner, or just someone searching for in-depth insight from industry experts, Think Tank is for you.

  • Actively participate in interactive training sessions to boost your Yellowfin skills
  • Hear from industry thought leaders and discover how to harness the future trends of the analytics industry
  • Learn about proven Yellowfin and analytics best practices
  • Network with your peers and explore successful BI use cases

“Think Tank is a tremendous opportunity to share in our joint experiences, underpin our future successes, and better understand how BI and analytics can help achieve your business goals”

– Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie

About Yellowfin

Yellowfin is a global BI and analytics software vendor passionate about making BI easy. Founded in 2003 in response to the complexity and costs associated with implementing and using traditional BI tools, Yellowfin is a highly intuitive 100 percent Web-based reporting and analytics solution. Yellowfin is a leader in mobile, collaborative and embeddable BI as well as Location Intelligence and data visualization. For more information, visit

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