Business Intelligence vendor Yellowfin to present at Data Storytelling Day 2014

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor Yellowfin, the first BI provider to integrate a dedicated module for data storytelling and BI presentations within its BI platform (Storyboard), will present at Decideo’s Data Storytelling Day 2014, Thursday 4th September 2014 14:30 (CEST).

Data Storytelling Day 2014 is a web conference coordinated by French business analytics and news forum, Decideo, which is dedicated to exploring the combined importance of data visualization and storytelling in the context of BI. Presentations will be conducted in French.

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Hosted by Decideo founder, independent analyst and renowned French BI journalist, Philippe Nieuwbourg, the web conference will explore the interrelationship between BI and storytelling.

As a BI solution with leading storytelling functionality – delivered via its integrated PowerPoint-like presentation and collaboration module, Storyboard – Yellowfin has been invited to present at Data Storytelling Day 2014.

“By blending BI with a comprehensive presentation platform, Storyboard enables users to integrate fully interactive data-rich presentations into their natural decision-making processes, to generate an analytics culture, realize BI ROI and drive real fact-based action,” said Yellowfin’s General Manager for Asia Pacific and Data Storytelling Day 2014 presenter, Patrick Elliott. “Yellowfin’s Storyboard has redefined the information paradigm for communicating and acting on data.”

Data Storytelling Day 2014 will begin with an overview, delivered by Nieuwbourg, which will:

  • Provide a brief history on the concept of data storytelling
  • Explore the links between BI and data storytelling
  • Outline and introduce the BI providers with leading data storytelling capabilities

Selected BI vendors, including Yellowfin, will then provide a brief 20-minute demonstration outlining their data storytelling credentials.

Nieuwbourg will conclude Data Storytelling Day 2014 by discussing:

  • The missing features of today’s data storytelling technologies
  • Data storytelling methodologies and best practices
  • The future of data storytelling

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