Our Governance Means Data You Can Trust

Governance -- we see it everywhere in our industry.  Last week I was attending the APAC Gartner conference where they had a specific learning track dedicated to all things governance, in order to “maximise leverage and control chaos.” Across the BI sphere you’ll read about what governance is, its importance, best practices, and so on (including our site), but at the end of the day it boils down to one thing: trust.

If you want analytics to grow and truly be pervasive throughout your organisation then you need to set the foundation of trust.  You need to deliver data that you can trust, so decision makers trust that the data can be relied upon, trust that the platform will grow as you need, and trust that they’re not comparing apples to oranges.

From startup to global financial institute, governance is critical. At Yellowfin, this is something that we take very seriously. Our customers (from those startup to global organizations) know that their analytics platform is built on a foundation of trust.

With each new iteration of Yellowfin we build on that foundation. We’re proud to announce our latest release: Yellowfin 7.3+, which is focused on governance, front and center. So what is it about Yellowfin 7.3+ that means data you can trust?

View Approvals

Yellowfin is a leader in BI workflow. There’s no use in having all the cool shiney features scattered throughout your BI platform unless you can logically bring them together. One of the ways that we do this in Yellowfin is by having a built-in content-approval process, so that any content can be signed off before being productionised (all within your BI application).

With Yellowfin 7.3+ we’ve extended our existing content approval workflow through to our data preparation later,  enabling enterprise IT and data stewards full control when promoting trusted data sources. Because content workflow is integrated seamlessly into Yellowfin Tasks,  your data stewards, business users, and analysts can stay on top of a changing data landscape.

Change management with greater control

Being able to migrate content across multiple environments is a critical component for enterprise IT.  We’ve made it a whole lot easier in Yellowfin 7.3+, overhauling the existing content-migration module. We rebuilt this new module to include:

   - Improved interface to clearly track all content changes
   - Dependency tracking across all content
   - Automatic content replacements and enabling batch updates

Our new change-management module is enabling greater change control and visibility across your multiple systems.

Connecting to all your data

While governance is at the forefront of 7.3+, we’re still packing a number of other big enhancements to the platform. We’ll be enabling you to connect to even more data sources with the latest release. Snowflake Data Warehouse  and Apache HBase  for Hadoop ecosystems are just a couple that will be ready for the launch. We’ll also improving existing data sources like SAP BW which will now connect you directly to BEx to pull in SAP Business Explorer’s rich metadata.

But my favourite new data source as part of Yellowfin 7.3+ is JSON . We’ll be launching a BETA version of the new JSON connector. You can now visualize your JSON data directly in Yellowfin with our new JSON connector. Pulling data from APIs, government datasets, web applications - all at your fingertips.

Stunning Content

This is one for our data visualization enthusiasts. With our new Javascript Chart framework in Yellowfin 7.3+, you now have the ability to bring in your favourite JavaScript chart libraries and use them in Yellowfin for your visualizations.

Since we know that great visualizations drive adoption, we made it possible to integrate interactive D3 charts in a Yellowfin dashboard. That is now possible in Yellowfin 7.3+.

That and a whole lot more is coming with Yellowfin 7.3+ and in the coming days you’ll be hearing about all about the specifics of the new release. Be sure to return to our Yellowfin Blog for all the latest news and join us for the official launch in a few weeks!