Training Webinar: ‘Calculated Fields and Advanced Functions in Yellowfin’ – view it now!

The latest series of Yellowfin training Webinars – Calculated Fields and Advanced Functions in Yellowfin – explored how to build and apply formulas, calculations and functions to your reporting content in Yellowfin.

Webinar recording: Calculated Fields and Advanced Functions in Yellowfin

What will you learn?

Watch this Webinar recording to discover how to create, add, edit and delete:

  • Simple Formulas (basic arithmetic calculations, through to CASE statements)
  • Pre-Defined Formulas (based on formula templates defined by an administrator or straight out of the box)
  • Freehand SQL (based on an SQL segment inserted into the main report query)
  • Advanced Functions (transforming results by applying calculations once they have been returned from the database)

Calculated Fields allow you to create basic calculations with the fields available in your report. The Calculated Field option will create new unique fields for your report. You create Calculated Fields when you need to derive data from fields, such as ratios or subtractions. For example, you might create a Calculated Field if you wanted to determine the ratio of outstanding invoice amounts.

Advanced Functions are used to transform results by applying post-processing calculations to the initial query results. These functions are database independent, as they are performed by Java code, rather than being part of the SQL query.


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