Tramada Systems leapfrogs travel industry with integrated cloud-based BI solution from Yellowfin

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, announced today its BI platform has been integrated into travel industry leader Tramada Systems’ award-winning, cloud-based travel automation solution, tramada®.

The tramada® solution holds every piece of information a travel agent has about its travellers, as well as information relating to the end-customer organisations using those travel agencies to manage their business travel. Using Yellowfin’s BI platform, Tramada was able to quickly and affordably deliver a rebranded BI module, in a SaaS multi-tenant environment, empowering travel agencies to quickly visualize and act on that information.

All Tramada clients can access a new comprehensive set of standard reports included with the core tramada® product. Tramada clients wanting to create custom reports and dashboards can do so via Tramada’s new BI module, tramada® connect BI, which is also powered by Yellowfin.

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Yellowfin’s integrated BI platform delivers data-based insights to Tramada’s travel agent clients, as well as the end-customers of corporate travel agencies, resulting in significant time savings, increased data integrity and improved client relations. Ultimately, Tramada’s clients are able to use analytics to provide a better customer experience for less cost than their competitors.

These benefits also provide Tramada a clear point of competitive differentiation in the crowded travel automation industry, with thousands of companies now accessing tramada® connect BI reports.

“Immediate access to real-time business information creates a point of differentiation – just what the travel industry has been looking for,” said Tramada Systems CEO, Jo O’Brien. “With Yellowfin, we now offer something quite unique for travel agencies with real-time interaction and insights into operational travel management data.”

“We needed an innovative BI solution, with a visually appealing user interface, that could be fully rebranded and integrated seamlessly with Tramada’s platform,” said Tramada Systems Head of Product Management, John Tran. “It also needed to offer clients sophisticated visualisations, as well as personalised interactive dashboards, that could run real-time data and resolve issues around ease-of-use, customisation and scalability. Yellowfin was able to meet and exceed those requirements.”

Prior to using Yellowfin’s BI solution to power its reporting and analytics capabilities, all client reports had to be built and managed by Tramada.

“Travel agencies were also unable to independently create custom reports and dashboards to meet their specific needs,” said Yellowfin APAC Sales Director, Adam Chicktong. “This resulted in an incremental load on Tramada resources, with clients also engaging other third-party providers to help develop custom content.

“Embedding Yellowfin’s BI platform into the tramada® travel automation solution, while also using it to create tramada® connect BI – a new BI module to meet demand for customized reports and dashboards – has empowered Tramada and its clients to eliminate those time-consuming and expensive reporting practices.”

Tramada’s clients now report considerable time-savings, particularly around quarterly reviews and end-of-year reporting. One travel management company (TMC) estimated that it had reduced the amount of time spent on reporting by 34 days per year.

“Combining the power and availability of our data, the time savings and increased productivity of our team, and an enhanced customer experience – tramada® connect BI is a real game-changer for us,” said Goldman Group General Manager Corporate, Chris Cheyne.

“We see benefits in improved data integrity, significant time savings with client reporting and improved client relations,” said Sanford Travel Managing Director, Georgina Byrt.

“The impressive performance and speed of the reports saves us time and money as well as making it easy to get the information we want, when we want it,” said World Corporate Travel General Manager of, Simone King.

Yellowfin’s seamless real-time integration with operational data has also enabled travel agencies to maintain policy compliance, monitor costs in real-time and track the movements of travellers to fulfil duty of care requirements.

“A major differentiator for travel agencies using tramada® connect BI is that they can even provide insights into their clients’ own data,” said O’Brien. “That is, the customers of the travel agencies that Tramada serves can also view and interact with their own reports, allowing them to manage travel expenditure in real-time and understand where a travel policy may need improving or enforcing.”

Tramada hosts its solutions, including tramada® connect BI, within its own SaaS environment on its private cloud infrastructure. The SaaS deployable nature and multi-tenant capabilities of Yellowfin have enabled Tramada to easily manage data and functional access for each travel agent and even the direct customers of those travel agents.

Yellowfin’s flexible pricing also meant that Tramada could seamlessly integrate the cost, not just the technology, into its existing business model. Yellowfin’s affordability was also critical, allowing Tramada to maintain its marketplace positioning as a technology accessible to small and midsized travel agencies, while also meeting the needs of larger TMCs and corporate clients.

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