New Yellowfin 9.1 Release Enhances Action-based Dashboards, Data Storytelling, and Reporting

New Yellowfin 9.1 Release Enhances Action-based Dashboards, Data Storytelling, and Reporting

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Melbourne, 06 April, 2020 - Yellowfin, a world-leading and innovative analytics vendor, today announced the release of version 9.1, which further enhances the user experience of analysts, developers, and business users in Yellowfin’s action-based dashboards, data storytelling, and reporting.

“Our latest release focuses on an enhanced user experience for all users - analysts, developers, and business users,” said Brad Scarff, CTO of Yellowfin. “Building on the world-leading dashboarding and data storytelling capabilities released last year in Yellowfin 9, version 9.1 includes improved actions and more capabilities to help organizations make data-driven decisions faster.” 

New enhancements include:

  • Yellowfin Signals, which employs advanced capability that automatically identifies critical changes in your data and surfaces those changes to users so they do not miss a thing. Signals can now be added to dashboards using the new customizable Signals widget. The widget can be filtered to show only signals relevant to the dashboard onto which it is placed so users can see relevant insights instantly. 


  • Action Buttons, introduced in Yellowfin 9, allow dashboards users to trigger events and perform custom workflows on dashboards. Due to popular demand, action buttons are now also available on tabular reports. Other enhancements to reporting include a new Sparkline Advanced Function and Formatter, providing a new visual way to convey business performance within a tabular report.


  • Code Mode, introduced in Yellowfin 9, allows developers to access the code of the dashboard to integrate actions and extend the capabilities of the dashboards using familiar coding languages. In the 9.1 release, Code Mode now has added governance and security configurations, including role functions, to ensure code is only edited by trusted users.


  • Last year, Yellowfin 9 saw the release of the world-class data storytelling module Yellowfin Present, which allows users to share compelling, governed data presentations using live and static reports, videos, text and more. The latest update now includes the ability to save Present presentations as Present Themes - a reusable format that means you can design a slide or presentation once and use it repeatedly anywhere.

For a complete list of enhancements and capabilities available in Yellowfin 9.1, download the release notes document.

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