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4 bugs I have noticed

Hey, just some bugs I have noticed, that cause us to not be able to use some of Yellowfin's coolest features :(

Dependant filters, non-dependant display. Repro:
1. Build new report
2. Add 2 filters
3. Both filters need to be "in list" filters, cached values
4. Set one filter to have dependant values on the first, but not have dependant display
5. When you run the report, changes to the second filter have absolutely no effect until you set the first filter

Non-optional dependant filters. Repro:
1. New report
2. Add 2 filters
3. Both filters must use "equals", and cached values
4. Both filters must not allow omit
5. The second filter must be dependant on the first
6. (You can set a default value for the first, but not the second)
7. When you run the report, both filters will default to values. However the report will not run as it believes the second filter has not been set
8. The only way to run the report is to change the second filter to another value

Resetting filters + popups. Repro:
1. New report
2. Add "in list" filter
3. Filter must use cached value selection, and the popup option
4. Run the report, select some values for the filter, submit
5. When you click reset, it would appear that the values for the filter do not reset. You can still see the values you previously selected, on the filters panel
6. The filter values are actually reset, but the visual discrepancy is confusing our clients

Suppress duplicates + Freehand SQL reports. Repro:
1. New report. Using freehand SQL
2. Set the first column to "suppress duplicates"
3. Simply, it does not work
Hi Johnathon,

thanks for sending in the question and I'm sorry to hear that you are running into troubles. I think that this forum post would best be handled as a case in our CRM. If we can replicate any of your issues as bugs this allows us to easily route the bug to our developers for review.

Do you think you could send an email to, citing this forum post, and include your build information so that we can try to replicate what you are experiencing using your particular Yellowfin environment?

Yellowfin Build Information

Also, any screenshots etc you can provide demonstrating what you are running into are extremely helpful here. This is because we cannot actually raise a bug for our developers to investigate/resolve until we are able to replicate what you are experiencing ourselves.

Anyway, we look forward to hearing back and helping you get to the bottom of these issues.

Kind Regards,