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7.1 and 7.2 Yellowfin BI

Hi there - Is it possible to run two versions of Yellowfin BI on the same computer. In my case, a Dell Laptop. I figured I would first ask...I do lots of demos and primarily work from 7.1, but more people are now showing interest in 7.2.

Hi Hugo,

It sure is possible to run multiple versions of Yellowfin on the same computer! :-)

Personally I have more than 10 different builds installed at the moment.
You basically just need to make sure that when you install them, you install them onto different port numbers.
For example:
Yellowfin 7.1 - Run on port 8071
Yellowfin 7.2 - Run on port 8072

This should work for you.

Side note - glad to heart people are keen to check out 7.2!

Thanks Hugo.
Kind Regards,