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Activating report takes more time

Hi Team,

When a report is newly created, saving and activating the same report is very fast. However when you try to edit the existing report to make changes and later activate, it takes too much time to save it.But if you take a copy of the same report and activate , its faster.

We have been facing this issue in 7.1 20160128 build which is in production.

The 7.2 build is in our Dev environment, in testing phase.

Has any user logged this issues before ? Do we have the fix for this in 7.2?

And why does the editing and saving existing report takes so much time?

Please advise.


Hi Mala,

Thanks for sending in the question. What you are experiencing definitely sounds odd. Performance related queries are usually pretty specific to a particular user's environment. I think that this question would best be handled as a case in our CRM.

I'm wondering, could you identify the size of the top 10 largest database tables in your configuration database and send that information to

I have a hunch one of your tables that stores cached data etc may have grown rather large in size and could be hindering Yellowfin's ability to edit a report quickly.

Along with this, could you send over your Yellowfin logs (preferably after attempting to edit a report) in with the database tables? This will allow us to see if any errors are popping up behind the scenes.

Thanks again for sending the question. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this one quickly.

Kind Regards,